• Carson's Monthly Crunch! Wacky Wings– Sault Ste Marie, Ontario

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    by Carson Hart

    Restaurant Reviews by Carson Hart             
    Wacky Wings– Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
    Rating- 9/10 

    How’s it going there bud! I’m in Canada don’t ya know! I spent the last couple of days in Sault Ste Marie for MLK weekend, and let me tell you it didn’t disappoint! This is my second year coming here with Snowboard Club at the University of Michigan! The small town is located just on the other side of the boarder, all the way up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. After our first day of skiing / snowboarding, we knew that we had to stop by the all around good time place, Wacky Wings!! Let’s take a look at what they have to offer!


    Here I am rocking the En Fuego tee! Who knew I would be perfectly matching the color scheme of this restaurant! It was meant to be!!!


    The interior decoration is very fun! A bit cluttered and tacky, but all for the purpose of having a great time! You can’t come here and be bummed out.


    Of course they have to have a sit down bar! What kind of wings place wouldn’t?

    The wooden cabin-style interior works great with the theme. Peep the “washroom” sign!


    Heading down to the washroom we see come chickens chillin down by lake. (I’m not sure how old this chicken is but the drinking age in Canada is only 19)

    Alright, time to get to the food! I felt obligated to get wings while I was at Wacky Wings, so I immediately flipped to the last page. This menu is very similar to Buffalo Wild Wings (idk if that’s more of a Midwest restaurant or not) but the layout of their wings menu is very much the same. Hundreds of sauce options to fit every persons needs. Just don’t get lost in the sauce!

    I’m more of a sweet sauce kinda guy myself, so I went for the honey bbq! I threw in some potato wedges because I was feelin good. I was extremely hungry so this meal hit the spot.


    My friend Ryan and I finishing up our fries!


    That's a wrap! From left to right we have Ryan, Nico, Andy, Kevin, and Ty! Overall I was very pleased with the meal! Like I said earlier you can’t come here and not have a good time! I would consider the food here comfort food, which is exactly what we needed after a long day on the slopes. The prices won’t break your bank, but not necessarily a steal either. The customer service was great, not to mention our waitress was a total smokeshow. Man, I love Canada. Anyways, I give this place a 9/10. I’ll see you all next time eh!!


    Bonus photo after our last run on the mountain! Yew!!

  • Carson's Monthly Crunch! The Corner– Boulder, Colorado

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    by Carson Hart

    By Carson Hart


    Restaurant Reviews by Carson Hart 
    The Corner– Boulder, Colorado
    Rating- 9/10 


    Hey guys!! This last weekend I had fall break, which means no class Monday or Tuesday! Which also means that I got to visit my friend Miles Kluth at Boulder for the weekend!! I ate at a ton of great places this trip, including Rincon, Deli Zone, Blackjack Pizza, and The Sink! Those places were great, but the blog this week takes place at the equally amazing corner restaurant; The Corner!! Located on 13th Street and College Ave, this place is in prime location for busy college kids who need a place to grab a bite! Read more for all the juicy details!!


    Here I am standing on the corner of The Corner! I wonder how they came up with the name?


    Here’s the inside! The clean and modern design works well with it’s aesthetic. I’m a big fan of natural lighting, and all these windows allow for plenty of that!


    Here I am ordering myself a cheeseburger!! The waitress was very nice and the customer service was minimal but pleasing.


    Sorry it’s a little hard to read but here is the menu! Food selection mostly consists of sandwiches and salads, but there are still plenty of other choices! The prices definitely aren’t cheap, but still reasonable. I would classify this as a “fine dining casual grub at a modest price”.


    Here is Miles sitting out our outdoor table! It was too nice of a day to sit inside!


    I mean, look at this! 77 and sunny! It feels like SoCal!!


    They use something called a “PagerTec”, which basically tells us when our food is ready! So high-tech.


    DING DING DING! The alarm is off and the food is served! I got a cheeseburger with a salad.


    Here I am getting super hyped up to take my first bite! I was super hungry!


    And we’re done! Overall I was very pleased with the meal. The workers were friendly, we got served quickly, and the food tasted great! Like I said earlier the price wasn’t too bad (I think like $12.50 for my burger and salad?) They had some 90s grunge music playing in the background, which I enjoyed as I sat outside taking in the nice sunlight. The location is great as well! Overall I give it a 9/10! I hope you enjoyed this blog, I’ll see you all next time!!






  • Carson's Monthly Crunch! George’s Mexican Food– Huntington Beach, California

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    by Carson Hart

    Restaurant Reviews by Carson Hart 

    George’s Mexican Food– Huntington Beach, California
    Rating- 9/10 

    Happy Summer Everyone!! After a fun day of shooting some surf at Golden West, Zach Lyons made the executive decision to take a quick stop at George’s Mexican Food! Who wouldn’t want a burrito after surf? It’s a no-brainer!!


    I love the sign! I can tell just by looking that this place is the OG! Here is team rider, Zach Lyons welcoming me into his local grub.


    Making my order at the front!


    I really like the different uses of bright colors! I’ve never had so much fun reading the menu!!


    Here’s a close up of some of the options. The food all looked so good, and for an extremely reasonable price!


    The architecture in the building is very unique. Here’s a view of the arch from both sides. Cool!


    Zach eating the egg burrito with shredded beef!


    Here I am taking the first glorious bite of my breakfast burrito!! It was very good! I wish the burrito had a little more variety but it was still tasty! Like I said earlier the prices were cheap, just how I like it. The customer service was good and the food was quick. Oh yeah, and they also have a drive-thru! So if you’re ever in the area, I would recommend this place over any other fast food chain. Support local business!! I give this palce a 9/10! Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in a few weeks!

  • Carson's Monthly Crunch! Jalama Burger – Jalama, California

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    by Carson Hart


    Restaurant Reviews by Carson Hart 
    Jalama Burger – Jalama, California
    Rating- 9/10 

    The next review takes place at this sweet spot called Jalama! It’s located in more central California, where the waves are rad, the sun is out, and the wind is very present! My friends Graham Amato and Ben Hara decided this would be a fun place to surf as we head up to Big Sur, and heard the food here was amazing! We just had to try it out for ourselves!


    Here I am outside of the store. Low-key on the outside but totally rad on the inside!


    Ordering food at the front! This place has everything! It’s half burger shack, half general store!


    The walls (and ceiling) are fully stocked!


    Such a sweet spot to eat and the location is even better! You can’t beat it!


    Ben on the left and Graham on the right. So excited!


    *insert heart face emojis here*


    Overall I was fully satisfied with this meal! It’s hard to beat a delicious burger on a road trip with friends after some fun surf. The prices were standard and the quality of the burger was great. It was fast service and the workers were very welcoming. Obviously it’s a great location too! You have to pay to access the beach (I think $10) but when split among friends it isn’t bad, especially when you throw in some surf and burgers. Thanks for reading this weeks blog, see you guys later!!

  • Carson's Monthly Crunch! Four Daughter’s Kitchen – Manhattan Beach, California

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    by Alex Seastrom

    Restaurant Reviews by Carson Hart 
    Four Daughter’s Kitchen – Manhattan Beach, California
    Rating- 8/10 

    Hey guys! It’s so nice to finally be home! Today my friend Keala is joining me for some tasty brunch at this restaurant called the “Four Daughter’s Kitchen”! Located in northern Manhattan Beach, just off of Highland, the location is great! It may be a little difficult to find parking, but a little walk doesn’t seem to bother me when you’re in Southern California! Keep reading for a greater insight in our munch excursion!


    Here I am standing out in front of the eatery! Not a big fan of the text on the window, but I do like the vibrant blue and red that decorates the whole building!


    Here’s the inside! Nothing too special in here, but not terrible!


    A little glance at the menu! I would say they have a good selection with fairly standard prices. 


    Keala excited to eat her tofu curry omelette! We decided to eat outside because fresh air is always nice!


    Here I am with the “Longboard Burrito”! Consisting of three eggs, chorizo blend, diced onions, peppers, jack cheese, avocado, and salsa!


    Here’s a close-up!


    I like the sign they have on the side of the building!


    And you can’t complain about the location! A minute walk from the soft sand!


    Overall, solid place to eat! Can sometimes be tough to find parking when located just off of busy Highland, but besides that it’s a great location and very close to the beach! The overall interior is alright, but like stated earlier I do like the exterior colors! The food was very good, and the prices were fairly standard compared to other restaurants nearby. The service fast and responsive, so I give them an overall 8/10! Thanks for checking in and I’ll see you all in another two weeks.

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