Carson's Bi-Monthley Crunch! L & L Hawaiian Barbecue – Redondo Beach, CA

Restaurant Reviews by Carson Hart 
L & L Hawaiian Barbecue – Redondo Beach, CA
Rating- 8/10 

Aloha! This weeks Bi-Monthly Crunch takes place at the L & L Hawaiian Barbecue restaurant, located in the midst of Redondo Beach’s one and only Riviera Village! The location is really charming, sporting many smaller local businesses. One of my favorite details of this area include the string lights that light up the streets at nighttime. Regardless of the many shops and restaurants, I didn’t find much trouble for parking, which was pleasant surprise.

Here I am placing my order at the front. Simple ordering, nothing fancy.


 My good friend Ben Manclark about to chow down on his Katsu Chicken Bowl!

 I ordered a Barbeque chicken plate, which also includes rice and macaroni salad. I was never given any sauce, so I had to go back to the front to grab some. The actual taste of the food was alright. And that response was coming from someone who hadn’t eaten all day. The rice and chicken seemed a little dry, but the salad was pretty good. I was, however, stoked on their selection of nectar drinks! They had everything, ranging from strawberry to peach, but I decided to go with my classic fave; guava!

Selfie break!

For some reason I liked this trash can. It was cool to see it say “Mahalo” instead of “Thank You”. I really liked the overall look of the interior of the restaurant. It was very true to it’s theme, but wasn’t overwhelming. The location was very relaxing, and the prices were fair, however the food was just decent. I give it an overall 8/10. Mahalo for stopping by this weeks Bi-Monthly Crunch!! See you in two weeks!



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