Carson's Monthly Crunch!– University of Michigan East Quad Dining Hall – Ann Arbor, MI

Restaurant Reviews by Carson Hart
University of Michigan East Quad Dining Hall – Ann Arbor, MI
Rating- 9/10 

What’s up shredders!! In case you didn’t know, I recently moved out to University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, Michigan) to start my life as a college student (art major of course)! Yes, I know this isn’t the beach, but hey maybe I can surf the lake?? To start out the new Monthly Crunch, my friends Arielle, Meg and I thought it would be fun to begin with one of our dining halls! Although this isn’t the one closest to my housing, it’s still awesome!


 Candid photo of me in front of the entrance!


 As you can see this is no ordinary dining hall!! And to be honest, this isn’t even the best one! Not only is it super hip looking, but the food choices are near endless (more detail on that soon)!


 Grabbing a slice of meatball pizza and some cheesy bread. Yum!


 Here is just the start of our food. We have some pasta, mashed potatoes, broccoli, pizza, and kun pao chicken! I know this doesn’t seem like a lot, but don’t worry. I also went back to get a salad, half a bagel, and of course some chocolate cake with milk.

There are so many choices that it can be overwhelming at times. They change up the courses each meal so no one ever gets bored. Except for the always-open cereal bar. I can’t complain on that. They even have a section just for vegetarians, so if that’s your thing, then this is the dining hall for you!


My friend Meg and I getting super stoked off this salad I made! Their salad bar has enough options to let your creativity run wild!


 We’re stuffed! It’s sort of impossible for me to walk away from these places feeling hungry. I should probably chill out on all the eating here. Overall, the dining hall is great, and I give it a 9/10! Even if you aren’t hungry, it’s still a cool place to kick it with your friends between classes. The actual design of the complex is very impressive, and like I said before, the amount of food to choose from is incredible. As for the price, just look at the meal plan. But college is expensive, so what do you expect? I’m allowed unlimited entrees in here, so I’m happy!

Thanks so much for checking out this month’s inaugural Monthly Crunch in Michigan! Follow my food Instagram @CARSONHARTCRUNCH for more daily updates on the meals I eat! See ya later skater!!


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