Carson's Monthly Crunch! Four Daughter’s Kitchen – Manhattan Beach, California

Restaurant Reviews by Carson Hart 
Four Daughter’s Kitchen – Manhattan Beach, California
Rating- 8/10 

Hey guys! It’s so nice to finally be home! Today my friend Keala is joining me for some tasty brunch at this restaurant called the “Four Daughter’s Kitchen”! Located in northern Manhattan Beach, just off of Highland, the location is great! It may be a little difficult to find parking, but a little walk doesn’t seem to bother me when you’re in Southern California! Keep reading for a greater insight in our munch excursion!


Here I am standing out in front of the eatery! Not a big fan of the text on the window, but I do like the vibrant blue and red that decorates the whole building!


Here’s the inside! Nothing too special in here, but not terrible!


A little glance at the menu! I would say they have a good selection with fairly standard prices. 


Keala excited to eat her tofu curry omelette! We decided to eat outside because fresh air is always nice!


Here I am with the “Longboard Burrito”! Consisting of three eggs, chorizo blend, diced onions, peppers, jack cheese, avocado, and salsa!


Here’s a close-up!


I like the sign they have on the side of the building!


And you can’t complain about the location! A minute walk from the soft sand!


Overall, solid place to eat! Can sometimes be tough to find parking when located just off of busy Highland, but besides that it’s a great location and very close to the beach! The overall interior is alright, but like stated earlier I do like the exterior colors! The food was very good, and the prices were fairly standard compared to other restaurants nearby. The service fast and responsive, so I give them an overall 8/10! Thanks for checking in and I’ll see you all in another two weeks

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