Carson's Monthly Crunch!– Farmer’s Market – Hermosa Beach, CA

Restaurant Reviews by Carson Hart 
Farmer’s Market – Hermosa Beach, CA
Rating- 9/10 

Look out, it’s #ThrowbackThursday!!! Let me take you back to a sunny Friday afternoon in the one and only Hermosa Beach! Before I start let me just say how great the location is. It’s located directly along the historic Clark Field, where most little kids growing up in Hermosa spent the majority or his or her childhood in. Every Friday we would get out of school and walk down Valley Drive to grab some grub and play around! Enjoy my walk down memory lane!!

Yum! Look at all that delicious fruit! I love how open the whole market is. I can feel the cool ocean breeze as I type!


Always love those free samples on the left!




This was my favorite afternoon lunch growing up! $5 Hawaiian Chicken Bowl hit the spot every time. Oh the memories!!


It’s crunch time!!


The bowl in all its glory. Of course you need the sweet barbeque sauce and pineapples. There are plenty of other things to eat such as hot dogs, pastries, organic treats, crepes, and more!


Can’t pass up those cinnamon rolls for only $1.50!


My brother Bridger ordering the classic Kettle Korn! Also rocking the classic Blaster Cap!


Normally it is much more crowded, but since it is summer there isn’t a mass stampede of middle schoolers raiding the food after a long week of school. Although smaller than most farmers markets, it sure has character! Well that wraps it up!! Thanks for checking out this months #ThrowbackThursday edition of the Monthly CRUNCH!!!


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