Carson's Monthly Crunch!– Tropical Smoothie Cafe – Ann Arbor, MI

Restaurant Reviews by Carson Hart 
Tropical Smoothie Cafe – Ann Arbor, MI
Rating- 8/10 

Happy Friday everyone! Sorry for my lack of presence on these blogs, school has been hectic but hopefully these smoothies will cool me off! Located just off of State Street, the location is prime for any hungry college student looking for a quick bite in between classes. Come check out what my friend Julia and I order this beautiful spring day!



Here I am rocking out in front of the café! I’m not too sure about the design of it so far. Don’t get me wrong,  I love tropical themed, but the stone and brick building doesn’t seem to work well with the laid-back beachy hangout.



Stepping inside I must say I do love all the bright colors! It makes it fun to go inside and eat! (t-shirt is the “Living Room Camp Out”)



Oh snap! What is this? It’s the Avocolada, that’s what it is!! Julia has ordered it before, who would have thought an avocado smoothie would be that good!? What am I saying, of course it would be.



Here’s another pic of the building to show you as we wait our food (which really didn’t take that long).



Can’t hate on a nice beach house painting!



The food! It’s arrived! We both decided to order the chipotle chicken club flatbread. My smoothie was the Sunrise Sunset, and hers was the Island Green Smoothie (she got the Avocolada a different time). I have to say, this was the best part!! Which is a good thing, considering we came here to eat. Everything was delicious!



Julia excited for her lunch!



It was so good that I came back for more!! This time I ordered the Cali Chicken Flatbread, which was just a tasty!



Overall, I’m glad I went! I appreciate the effort to transform a small place into a nice little beach themed hangout. The food was delicious, the prices were fair ($5 for a smoothie with a dollar off if you get any food item), there was some music going on in the background (which is crucial), and there were no problems with customer service! Like I was saying at the beginning, it may not be some kind of OG surf shack, but they’re trying! Stay tuned for the Monthly Crunch!! See ya guys soon!



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