Carson's Monthly Crunch!– Casa Playa Colorados – Colorados, Nicaragua

Restaurant Reviews by Carson Hart 
Casa Playa Colorados – Colorados, Nicaragua
Rating- 9.5/10 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Due to unusual circumstances, this months review takes place in Central America! Step away from the traditional Thanksgiving dinner and take a look at what we ate this fine Thursday —Nicaragua style!!

Here’s the table set-up. You can’t beat the view! And the waves are always firing!

From left to right: Tracy (mom), Finnley (brother), Graham, Bridger (brother), Faye, Kelly, Nancy, Don, Jen, Dan (dad), and me!

Fresh dorado is not the usual turkey! We also have some tasty dried plantains and steak.

The salads are a little different here. Less lettuce and more fruits / vegetables! (Avocado is always a nice touch)

On the left is my plate! Everything was amazing! On the right is Bridger smiling because he is holding a delicious glass of freshly squeezed guava juice.

My brother Finn and I happy to finally eat after a very long day of fishing and surfing!!

Overall, great meal! I was surrounded by my amazing family and friends, and couldn’t be happier! The chef is very talented, and has been cooking our meals since we got here. The only reason this got a 9.5 instead of 10 is because I miss pumpkin pie. Anyways, enjoy this photo of tonight’s beautiful sunset and I hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving! Adiós!!


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