The Monthley CRUNCH!!! Local Yolk, Manhattan Beach.

We are excited to have a new segment to add to the blogs regular posts! Mowgli contributor and cool cat Carson Hart will be doing a restaurant review once a month every last Thursday! Below can read his first review!

Restaurant Reviews by Carson Hart
Local Yolk. Manthattan Beach, CA
Rating- 9.5/10

Hello everyone and welcome to the first Bi-Monthly Crunch! To start this baby off, why go to any place other than the Local Yolk! Located in northern Manhattan Beach, this beach cafe is perfect for any post surf sesh meal. Today, my friends Caley, Cole, and Justin decided to take the dive themselves into this breakfast heaven.

Their menu has any breakfast food you can imagine, ranging from pancakes, to omelettes, to any different assortment of muffins! But don't fear, non-breakfast food eaters, as they also include all kinds of other grub such as burgers or sandwiches. 

Back to the breakfast, I decided to go with the classic banana waffles, with bacon and two scrambled eggs. Of course milk is also a necessity! As you can see my friends here strategically diversified our table, by also including pancakes, an omelette, and french toast! 

Here is an overview shot of the feast! 

Keep in mind, no one ever leaves this place with a full plate. Here's the aftermath!

And that's a wrap! Here is my good friend Cole Riddle rocking the new Blam! shirt beside me. Overall, I give this place a 9.5/10. The prices are fair, its close to the beach, the service is great, and the food is amazing! Thanks everyone, and stay tuned for the next Bi-Monthly Crunch!


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