Carson's Monthly Crunch!– Angelo’s – Ann Arbor, MI

Restaurant Reviews by Carson Hart
Angelo’s – Ann Arbor, MI
Rating- 9/10

What’s up everybody! Happy New Years!! This month’s restaurant review starts the year off right with some delicious breakfast food at the one and only Angelo’s, founded in 1956! My friend Andrew and I came back to school a day early so we decided to grab some grub! Stay tuned to the end for some tunes!!

Simple exterior but still nice!

Classic looking diner inspired interior with the always-necessary checkered tiles!

Look at all those students! So college!

Andrew stoked for our food! We got off the plane late last night so we are very hungry.

Yess! Finally! Pancakes! Eggs! Ham! Bacon! Toast! Food!

One happy Carson! I ordered the classic breakfast combo.

That was fast! If there was an eating contest, Andrew had won. In terms of the cost, I would say it is very affordable! Despite being packed with hungry college students, our waitress was still on top of things. Good location, a welcoming interior, and of course delicious food! I give it a 9!

Now for one last thing! I did a little research and found this great song titled Angelo’s (named after the restaurant of course), performed by Dick Siegel. Don’t listen to it too much or you might get a little hungry!

Enjoy, and see you guys next month!


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