Carson's Monthly Crunch! Jalama Burger – Jalama, California

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Jalama Burger – Jalama, California
Rating- 9/10 

The next review takes place at this sweet spot called Jalama! It’s located in more central California, where the waves are rad, the sun is out, and the wind is very present! My friends Graham Amato and Ben Hara decided this would be a fun place to surf as we head up to Big Sur, and heard the food here was amazing! We just had to try it out for ourselves!


Here I am outside of the store. Low-key on the outside but totally rad on the inside!


Ordering food at the front! This place has everything! It’s half burger shack, half general store!


The walls (and ceiling) are fully stocked!


Such a sweet spot to eat and the location is even better! You can’t beat it!


Ben on the left and Graham on the right. So excited!


*insert heart face emojis here*


Overall I was fully satisfied with this meal! It’s hard to beat a delicious burger on a road trip with friends after some fun surf. The prices were standard and the quality of the burger was great. It was fast service and the workers were very welcoming. Obviously it’s a great location too! You have to pay to access the beach (I think $10) but when split among friends it isn’t bad, especially when you throw in some surf and burgers. Thanks for reading this weeks blog, see you guys later!!


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