Carson's Monthly Crunch! The Corner– Boulder, Colorado

By Carson Hart


Restaurant Reviews by Carson Hart 
The Corner– Boulder, Colorado
Rating- 9/10 


Hey guys!! This last weekend I had fall break, which means no class Monday or Tuesday! Which also means that I got to visit my friend Miles Kluth at Boulder for the weekend!! I ate at a ton of great places this trip, including Rincon, Deli Zone, Blackjack Pizza, and The Sink! Those places were great, but the blog this week takes place at the equally amazing corner restaurant; The Corner!! Located on 13th Street and College Ave, this place is in prime location for busy college kids who need a place to grab a bite! Read more for all the juicy details!!


Here I am standing on the corner of The Corner! I wonder how they came up with the name?


Here’s the inside! The clean and modern design works well with it’s aesthetic. I’m a big fan of natural lighting, and all these windows allow for plenty of that!


Here I am ordering myself a cheeseburger!! The waitress was very nice and the customer service was minimal but pleasing.


Sorry it’s a little hard to read but here is the menu! Food selection mostly consists of sandwiches and salads, but there are still plenty of other choices! The prices definitely aren’t cheap, but still reasonable. I would classify this as a “fine dining casual grub at a modest price”.


Here is Miles sitting out our outdoor table! It was too nice of a day to sit inside!


I mean, look at this! 77 and sunny! It feels like SoCal!!


They use something called a “PagerTec”, which basically tells us when our food is ready! So high-tech.


DING DING DING! The alarm is off and the food is served! I got a cheeseburger with a salad.


Here I am getting super hyped up to take my first bite! I was super hungry!


And we’re done! Overall I was very pleased with the meal. The workers were friendly, we got served quickly, and the food tasted great! Like I said earlier the price wasn’t too bad (I think like $12.50 for my burger and salad?) They had some 90s grunge music playing in the background, which I enjoyed as I sat outside taking in the nice sunlight. The location is great as well! Overall I give it a 9/10! I hope you enjoyed this blog, I’ll see you all next time!!




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