Carson's Bi-Monthley Crunch! Billy’s Deli – San Clemente, CA

Restaurant Reviews by Carson Hart
Billy’s Deli – San Clemente, CA
Rating- 9.5/10

Hello and welcome back to the Bi-Monthly CRUNCH! Today’s adventure ended up at the classic Billy’s Deli. It’s located on Del Mar in San Clemente, a great place to grab a bite after a day in the sun. Here I am placing my order. You tell them what you want on your sandwich, and then you grab your drink and chips separately, and pay at the front counter. It’s an efficient process that avoids long lines when crowded (and it was pretty crowded).

Pictured here is Noah Foskett, one of Mowgli’s rad team riders. It was very refreshing to walk into the air-conditioned deli after shooting some pics around town.

Time to eat!!

I ordered a full turkey sub, toasted with lettuce, tomato, mayo, swiss cheese, and red onions.

Always got to take the time to selfie!

So far I have struck gold on the places I’ve reviewed. Unlike the others, I had never gone to this deli. Regardless, my reaction was the same. Great location, good customer service, fair prices, air conditioned, and the sandwich just hit the spot! Definitely going to be a returning customer. Thanks and hope to see you on the next Bi-Monthly CRUNCH!

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