Carson's Monthly Crunch!– Belly Deli – Ann Arbor, MI

Restaurant Reviews by Carson Hart 
Belly Deli – Ann Arbor, MI
Rating- 6.5/10 
Yo what’s up! At my second food review in Ann Arbor, my friend Oliver and I take you all to the Belly Deli (not to be confused with a previous review at Billy’s Deli)! From the name alone, I expected a place that looked a little more fun. Due to the overall greyness of this place, I added some fun borders to relieve the stress!
Nice modern look from the outside. Nothing too fancy.
Here’s the menu! To be honest, that orange was the brightest thing I saw in there. Anyways, not too large of a menu. Prices weren’t too low or too high, they seemed about right. I do like how they include tax with the prices!

I decided on the Cheese Steak Sammy, which was actually delicious (I also like how they spelled “cheese” on the menu in the previous picture).
Oliver crunching on the Spicy Pork Sammy!

Almost done eating!

I also noticed that a large crowd came in all of the sudden, so it seems that people do enjoy the food here!

Don’t be mislead by the stars, smiles, and thumbs up. I’m just happy! As a final look on the deli, I probably will not find myself going there again. The food was tasty, and the service was extremely fast, but the aesthetic of where I go to eat is very important to me. Grey has its place, but only when used strategically. I didn’t feel like there was any character in the deli, and it seemed almost jail-like in it’s presence. Overall I give it a 6.5/10. Thanks and stay tuned for the next Monthly Crunch! Peace!

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