Puppy's Planet!!! Laura Thornhill

"Puppy's Planet" is a new segment to the Mowgli blog! It is replacing "Thrifting with Puppy" and will focus on a larger spectrum/ Puppy will cover her interests, loves, and experiences! Learn here about one of Puppy's idols Laura Thornhill! 

By Puppy Stopnik

Laura was a female skating legend. She started taking skating seriously when she moved to California and got a Black Knight Skateboard for her 13th birthday in 1974. She lived in what was known as Hollywood Rivera. It consists of nothing but hills, which was a skaters paradise. She skated every day for hours after school.

Laura won 1st place at her first contest, did I mention she was the only girl? People started taking notice after she got 1st at Steve's Bay Contest. That same day she became a member of Logan Earth Ski Skateboard team. This team was ideal for any young skater. Not long after, she scored the cover of Skateboard Magazine. Laura was known for her bold and exciting style.

Her career had slowed down when she dislocated her elbow in 1978. She continued to skate and be the top female skaters thru 1979, but the pain was starting to wear on her. She continued to have pain in her elbow for the next 15 years. She still skates to this day, more of a mellow longboard freestyle though.


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