Brothers Marshall + Mowgli= BROWGLI OUT NOW!!!!!


BROWGLI is the collaborative, dysfunctional brainchild of the Brothers Marshall and the broz of Mowgli Surf. Sometime in 2015, the BROZ got together over a kettle of Brothers Marshall patented psychedelic sun tea and drifted into 6 days of blissfully tie-dyeing everything in sight, pausing only to see who could bounce closest to the moon on their 45-foot wide fluorescent green trampoline. Returning to the terrestrial plane, the BROZ discovered the clothes on their backs had transformed into what could only be described as technicolor, inter-dimensional RADwear.

The 6 piece BROWGLI collection, consisting of 4 custom, hand-dyed tees, and 2 overshorts, widely believed to be the first earthly incarnation of BROveralls, will be sold exclusively through digital portals: &

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