Summer Songs- Summer Never Ends By Dog Party

Sacramento's punk rock sister act Dog Party is the utmost!! This dynamic duo crafts punk rock gems that pulse with 1980s spirit and attitude! Dog Party is perfect for rocking in your bedroom or blasting down the highway! Make sure to pick up their awesome fourth album, Vol. 4 out on Asian Man Records!

Summer Never Ends By Dog Party

These songs easily represent our favorite tunes from summer 2015. Because we both don't have school during the summer, we try to tour as much as possible in that period of time. We spend a lot of time playing shows, but we spend even more time driving place to place. When we get closer to the venue, listening to the bands selected is the perfect "get pumped for the show" sesh there is!

Listening back to these songs now, I can't help but get a nostalgic adrenaline rush reminding me of the exhilarating life on the road. They're all crazy catchy and mostly high-energy. We bring it down a notch with the La Luz track, but the slower tempo doesn't make it any lesser of a song. The back up vocals and groovin' solos get us dancing in our seats. 

1. Good Advice - Growlers
2. Glazin' - Jacuzzi Boys
3. Poor Queen- Thee Oh Sees
4. Ozma - Shannon and the Clams
5. High Waisted Shorts - Swimmers (FKA Emily's Army)
6. I Can't Speak  - La Luz
7. Layback!!! - The Traditional Fools
8. Landslide - Scraper
Photos by Cecilia Rogue

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