Tuesday Art ATTACK- Ricahrd Long "Time and Space (2015)"

By Christian Franzen

Richard Long was born in Bristol, England on June 2nd of 1945. After grade school he went on to study sculpture at the University of the West of England's College of Art from 1962-1965 followed by studying at Saint Martin's School of Art in London for two more years. About the time that Long graduated St Martin's the new emerging sculpture sensation of Land Art was on the rise across Europe and the United States. Long began to incorporate more natural objects into his sculpture and quickly resorted to only using materials found in nature.

Long gained international fame in the 1970's as a result of his sculptural walks. These walks would take long into the remote areas surrounding his home in rural Britain where he would fully immerse himself in nature; often spending more then one day out without returning home. Along these walks Long would create natural sculptures by altering elements of nature without disturbing the sanctity of the virgin land. He would then photograph these sculptures and publish books detailing his experiences. 

In the 1980's long turned to working more with objects placed inside of a gallery in order to create a physical stimulating environment for viewers. Long would incorporate all natural objects to create structures and environments within the gallery even going as far as to paint the walls with different muds and sediments. 

Today his work still consists of natural objects incorporated in an organic free flowing nature reminiscent of the energies found in the rural landscapes of his home in rural England. Long often still takes walks throughout the English as well as the Canadian countryside in order to find inspiration. 

Red Slate Circle (1988)


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