Stephaine's Corner- WATERMELONS!

 By Stephanie Schechter

Today, we are going to discuss a topic near and dear to my heart… Watermelons!!! As many of you may know, the surfboard I usually ride is resin-tinted to look like a giant slice of watermelon. Many people ask me if I got the watermelon board because I just LOVE all things watermelon, but to be honest, the surfboard is what started it all, and my watermelon themed everything followed suit.


While watermelon is a delicious and refreshing fruit, it probably isn’t my favorite fruit ever. It is tasty, but so many other fruits are, that I couldn’t pick a favorite! I just love what watermelon represents – summertime, warm weather, and picnics. The fun color combination of pinkish-red and shades of green also makes for a great surfboard…


Now that I have had my original watermelon board for two and a half years, I have managed to accumulate a pretty decent supply of watermelon stuff. I think every time there is a watermelon item in a store, my friends and family feel the urge to either get it for me, or send a picture to me! I think its kind of neat to have adopted this watermelon identity. Sometimes I’ll be surfing and I’ll hear some kid shout “Hey!! It’s the watermelon girl!”


So, today, enjoy a slice of watermelon for me, and remember – watermelons are your friend!



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