Watermelon is so hot right now!!

Watermelon-OreosWatermelon OreosWatermelon Oreos 1Watermelon Oreos 2Watermelon Oreos 3Watermelon Oreos 4The arrival of Watermelon Oreo Cookies marks the greatest monument of human achievement. All of humanity has led to this triumphant moment. It doesn't matter that they ended up tasting pretty gross (like a watermelon Jolly Ranchers between two disks) it's what they represent. As of this moment our greatest scientists and chefs are hard at work on future innovations and the possibilities are endless! Just beyond the horizon lies a beautiful paradise where every supermarket in America has peperoni pizza, cheese-hamburger, orange chicken, and Pepsi flavored cookies on its shelves. Bless this time of boundless achievement.

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