Wednesday Art ATTACK- Adam Willaerts "La Pesca"

By Christian Franzen

Adam Willaerts was a Flemish painter who was a figure in the Dutch Golden Age of Painting. He was born in London during the summer of 1577, because his parents had fled from religious persecution in their previous home of Antwerp. In 1585, his family returned to Holland and settled in the suburban area of Leiden. It was here that Willaerts began his education of the classical style of Flemish painting.

As years past Willaerts became a very accomplished etcher and painter, thereby earning him a spot in the top tear of the Dutch Golden Ages canon. He became one of the head members to the Guild of St. Luke in the town of Utrecht where he lived the later half of his life.

Willaerts paintings are very typical of the time and place in which he found himself. Most of his works depict the everyday landscapes of Hollands countryside and the people who inhabit it. However, Willaerts was known predominantly for his river scenes and his mastery of depicting lively water.


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