Tuesday Art ATTACK- Tom LaDuke "Chain"

By Christian Franzen

Tom LaDuke is a current Los Angeles based artist. He career thus far has been very successful. You can find DaLuke's work in exhibitions across the United States, several museums, and in the possession of many notable collectors. The reference to film and motifs of contemporary society are plentiful throughout LaDuke's paintings. Using several overlapping techniques LaDuke creates a landscape where art history juxtaposes images of modern cinema. In addition, LaDuke is also a practicing sculpture. His 3D work touches more on the fragility of life and problems that we as humans face together.

I was lucky enough to hear LaDuke speak last spring on his life as a painter. I was blown away by his wok and the elegance with which he spoke of it. This semester I am very fortunate to work Professor LaDuke in my last year in art school. I am very excited for all of the knowledge that he will pass to me.

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