Tuesday Art ATTACK- Kerry James Marshall "Better Homes, Better Garden"

By Christian Franzen

This last week I visited the Los Angeles County Museum of Contemporary Art to see the Kerry James Marshall retrospective. Marshall was born in Birmingham, Alabama in 1955. Soon after he was born his family made the move to California. Growing up in Watts, Los Angeles throughout the 1960’s and 70’s; scenes of racial inequality, the black power movement, and civil unrest surrounded him throughout his childhood. These experiences became the main subject of Marshall’s unique mural sized paintings in an effort to confront racial stereotypes still existing in modern America.

The exhibit was truly amazing to experience. The paintings were even more impressive in person than I could have ever imagines looking at images of them in a book and the amount of work exhibited was beyond inspiring. I think the show contains over 80 paintings. The official title of the show is Mastery. This collection of Marshall’s work makes it crystal clear that he is a true modern master in the art of painting. I highly recommend it while it’s still up.


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