Tuesday Art ATTACK- Joost Schmidt "Poster for the Bauhaus Exhibition in Weimar, 1923"

By Christian Franzen

Joost Schmidt was born in Wunstorf Germany on January 5th, 1893. He studied at the Grand-Ducal Saxon Academy of Fine Art in Weimar and graduated in 1914. Directly after school, Schmidt was drafted into the German army to serve in World War 1. Schmidt was captured during his term of service and held as a prisoner of war until he was released in 1918. 

Returning home he continued to pursue art at the Bauhaus School in Germany. He attended the Bauhaus as a student from 1919 until 1925 when he was offered a teaching position. Schmidt taught typography as well as printing and then went on to teaching photography. He became one of the leading forces in the development of what we now call Graphic Design.

He is most notable known for his series of posters he created for the 1923 Bauhaus Exhibition in Germany.

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