Tuesday Art ATTACK- Eric Bealer "Alaska Folk Festival (2004)"

By Christian Franzen

Eric Bealer is a self-taught multi dimensional artist who is alive and practicing his art today. He spent roughly 13 years of his career showing and selling work in the area surrounding his home in central Pennsylvania. After that time, Bealer found himself wanting to live in a more secluded location. So in 1989, he and his wife packed their bags and settled in Haines, Alaska.

Before the big move, most of Bealer's work was executed in watercolor and metallic etchings. Alaska sparked an interest in Bealer to try wood engraving. He fell in love with this new process and began pumping out wood prints. Wood engraving is a very tedious process, but the end results are beyond beautiful.

Today, Eric Bealer lives on Chichagof Island in Alaska and continuous to express himself through his wood engravings

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