Tuesday Art ATTACK- Carl Evers "Approaching the Horn"

Christian Franzen

Posted on August 16 2016

By Christian Franzen

Carl Evers was born in Germany in 1907. In his teenage years he moved to London to pursue his ambitions to be an artist and he received his first job as an automotive illustrator in Sweden when he was just 16 years old.

Evers took a particular interest in painting oceanic scenes when he traveled to America by boat in 1947. Soon he began freelance illustration work for several different boating companies. These illustrations were used for nautical magazines covers across the United States. He earned the title of being one of the top maritime painters in the 20th century and with the recent release of his estate many of his works have been made available. Despite the large number of his works in circulation, Evers paintings are still highly collectible. 


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