Road Tripping with Carson and Miles!- Yellowstone National Park


The next stop we hit is Yellowstone National Park! Miles was just there a year ago, but I had never been so I was super excited to see what all the hype was about!!


Here’s an incredible reflection taken in Jackson, Wyoming. Part of the Grand Teton National Park.


Nice view going on here as well!


Our first stop in the park was Old Faithful. As you can see by the image I couldn’t fit the explosion in one photo!


Here’s the crowd of spectators waiting to see something cool!


Is this Earth or Mars?


It looks like Mars does have running water!


Very cool hot springs!


And natural rainbows!!

Everything here is so beautiful!!


Mmhm toasted marshmallows


Here we are in front of the Lower Falls!


Lake Yellowstone… wow!


That’s a wrap for this segment! Yellowstone National Park had definitely lived up to my high expectations! So much wildlife all around! Not to mention the incredible landscapes. Stay tuned for our next and final stop: Moab National Park!


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