Road Tripping with Carson and Miles!

By Carson Hart

Location: Northern California Coast

After five fun-packed nights in Big Sur, we continue up the coast of Northern California! Once we finished checking out the sick surf at Steamer Lane, we met up with my friend, Mitchell Winn, for lunch in downtown Santa Cruz. The next photo was taken in half Moon Bay, a few miles south of Mavericks!

Driving on Highway 1 we happened to see this sweet half pipe on the side of the road! We had to stop for a quick skate sesh! This got us so stoked!!

We didn’t get the 50 foot sets we were hoping for but still cool to see Mavericks from the hill none-the-less!!


Cool pink building I found in Bodega Bay, California.

Carpaforo Creek, California.


Miles and I in our power stances!!


Miles looking small underneath the Albion State Bridge!


What a cool little beach we found!


Here we are after our first night sleeping in the car! We moved all of our stuff to the front two seats, which left plenty of space to sleep in the back! This was taken in Eureka, California. Next stop, Oregon and Idaho!


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