Tuesday Art ATTACK-Christian Franzen and Riley Blake Art Show Recap!!

By Christian Franzen

Last Tuesday I was lucky enough to show some of my pieces at the Quicksilver Store on Main Street, Huntington Beach. It was a three man show consisting of artists Ricky Blake, Bradie Sheimkie, and myself.

This was my first time showing any of my figurative work along side my abstract pieces in a public setting so I was a little nervous to see how that would go. However, once the show got going everyone seemed to dig the works that I was showing. It was fun to hear comments about my work from regular people and see if what they took from each piece matched up with my own personal vision. Both my abstract and figurative work comes from a very similar set of interests and desires. Showing the two together made this even more apparent for myself and it seemed to be apparent to the people walking through the show as well because several viewers made comments on the overlapping characteristics of the two.

It was so exciting to see people walk up to a painting of mine and then begin a conversation concerning the painting. Initially I wasn't sure that a lot of people would show up, but I was pleasantly surprised because the show was packed most of the evening. It was such a fun show; I am excited to have more in the near future.


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