Puppy's Planet!!! Cherry Glazerr

By Puppy Stopnik

Cherry Glazerr was born in 2012 when high school student and singer/songwriter Clementine Creevy began recording songs in her bedroom. She called herself Clembutt. Clementine formed a gang including Hannah Uribe on drums and vocalist Sophia Muller to add life to her songs. After adding Sean Redman on bass, the fantastic four made a demo tape that caught the ear of Burger Records. They called themselves Cherry Glazerr!!

The band released the 9 song cassette "Papa Cremp" in early 2013. They continued playing many shows including 2013's Burgerama! After that festival they gained lots of fans. One of those fans was Heidi Slimane (high fashion designer) Heidi Slimane invited the band to Paris to play a show. Their song "Trick or Treat Dance Floor" was used in the company's ad campaign.

Cherry Glazerr recorded their first album "Haxel Princess", for Burger. Sophia Muller left the band before the albums release in January of 2014. They continued touring without her. In October I was going to see them at Beach Goth, but just a week before the drummer Hannah also left the band. I was pretty bummed I didn't get to see them.

Last week Cherry Glazerr announced 2 new band mates. Drummer Tabor Allen and synth/ guitarist Sasami Ashworth. They will be going on tour this year with Best Coast and Wavves! I couldn't be more thrilled. On March 3rd Cherry Glazerr will be playing in LA at The Fonda Theatre. I can't wait to buy my ticket!

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