Puppy's Planet!!! Devendra Banhart

By Puppy Stopnik

Devendra Banhart is a Venezuelan/ American singer songwriter and visual artist. Devendra was born in Houston, Texas, and was raised by his mother in Venezuela. He moved to California as a teenager to go to the San Francisco Art Institution in 1998. Devendra dropped out to preform in Europe, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

While he was in Los Angeles and San Francisco he got picked up by Young Gods Records and released a compiled album of his tracks. In 2002 he recorded two other albums and an EP. This included Rejoicing in the Hands, Niño Rojo and The Black Babies. The releases have a beautiful acoustic sound. In 2005 Devendra switched to XL Recordings and came out with "Cripple Crow" which was recorded in New York and had a more complex sound. He recorded his second album for the label "Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon" at his home studio in Topanga, California. This album is my personal favorite. Devendras music is so next level.

Banhart has preformed at huge music venues such as the Hollywood Bowl, Bonnaroo and Coachella. In 2009 he came out with the "What Will We Be". His music gives you a feeling in your heart words can't physically describe. In between 2009 and 2013 Banhart toured, skateboarded, broke his leg and pursued in his artwork. In 2013 he Devendra released the beautiful album "Mala".

Honestly his music never gets old to me. I could be just lying on the floor for hours listening to him and never skip one song. I would absolutely love to be able to see him live or to visit his artwork one day. A girl can dream right?!

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