Puppy's Planet!!! The Aquadolls

By Puppy Stopnik

The Aquadolls is a psychedelic surf punk band formed in Los Angeles CA in 2012. They were formed by lead guitarist and singer Melissa Brooks. 

Teaming up with guitarist Ryan Frailich are bassist Josh Crawford and Colin Moore on drums. This dream team creates the best do wop tunes in Orange County. They released an EP in the beginning of 2012 "We are Free". This track has all teens swooning over Mel's vocals. In 2013 The Aquadolls released their first full length album "Stoaked on You". This album won the hearts of the folks over at the hip West Coast label Burger Records. The band was influenced by the following artists like The Beach Boys, Brenda Lee, Girls and so on...

This type of music is every emotion of a teenager. It makes you want to fall in love or go on a rampage and hit car windows with a crowbar.

The Aquadolls are going to be playing at the Observatory in January and I'm planning on buying my ticket real soon!!

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