Summer Songs- ~friendly songs~ free cake for every creature

Saratoga Springs, New York's free cake for every creature is the handy work of the talented Katie Bennett! Katie and her band create a striking and intimate sound that grabs you! When your hear free cake for every creature it conjures the image of a songbird singing from it's secret journal. It's a must listen!! Make sure to check out their new album digital album "Moving Songs" and their album "Pretty Good" through Double Double Whammy records!!

~friendly songs~ by free cake for every creature

1. The Gerbils- “Fluid”
This weird and spirited love song is probably my favorite song of all time.  The lines,  “Your voice gives me goosebumps when you call my name/ and I want to goose bump again” are probably the greatest lyrics ever written.  Listen to The Gerbils, know The Gerbils, and you will be just fine.  

2. Amy Bezunartea- “New Villain”
I played with Amy last week with my other band, “Hello Shark”, in a basement in Philadelphia, and was captivated by her incredible voice and personable lyrics.  This song especially is so lovely.  

3. ylayali- “blueberry pineapple”
ylayali is francis, who also drums for free cake.  He quietly releases a collection of songs almost every season, and they’re all the best.  I feel a lot of <3 <3 <3 for this song.

4. allyson foster- “marshall”
I met Allyson in the health food store where she works in Anacortes, WA, while I was touring through there this past summer.  She also plays in Mount Eerie and Hungry Cloud Darkening, but I’ve been loving these this solo “demo”.    

5. Eva Cassidy- “Fields of Gold”
I found Eva Cassidy’s “Songbird” CD in my mom’s collection when I was 13 and haven’t stopped listening to it since.  This song is so beautiful it’s sometimes hard to listen to.  

6. Advance Base- “Kitty Winn”
Someone on the Advance Base bandcamp referred to the songs as “short story pop” and I love that.  “Kitty Winn” is the story of a man’s life, the good and the bad.  My favorite moment: "I sat & pet the cat
/ with my wife’s head on my lap
/ on the sofa in the den” 

7. Davey- “Short Song”
Davey is the solo project of David Jaberi, who also plays in the band “Shaggy Sample”.  I’m not really sure how to talk about “Short Song” without sounding like a sentimental sap, buuuttt….. its the kind of song that makes you put your hands over your heart and say, “oof”.  

8. the lentils- “the bed is the killer” 
“the lentils”, best band name!!  This song rocks, and there’s evan a “Vegenaise” (a brand of vegan mayo) reference, which earns ‘em major points in my eyes because I’m vegan.  I’ll leave you with this message: go vegan, y’all.

~friendly songs~ Playlist by free cake for every creature by Mowglisurf on Mixcloud


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