Puppy's Planet!!! Mazzy Star

By Puppy Stopnik

Mazzy Star is a psychedelic rock band formed in Santa Monica, California, in 1989. Mazzy Star had shown their fans the dark side of psychedelia.

Hope Sandoval with her killer vocals and David Roback as guitarist, together they slayed. They got picked up by Capital Records and released their album "She Hangs Brightly". The album wasn't an immediate success. A couple years passed and they released a follow-up album "So Tonight That I Might See". Unexpectedly they got a hit "Fade Into You". After they received so much attention, the album was certified platinum!

Hope had such a unique way with words along with a beautiful voice. Hope sings like someone is about to fall asleep for a very long time and David follows along.

In 1996 they released their third album, "Among My Swan". This album presented a far more acoustic approach. They continued writing and recording music but waited a whole 17 years to release their 4th album publicly... Wow!!

They said "We weren't really in the mood to release music". The two haven't changed a bit since the 90s. They only operate on Mazzy Star time. Slow, mellow and smooth.

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