Stephanie’s Corner: PINS!

By Stephanie Schechter

This week in Stephanie’s corner, we’re going to talk about some of my favorite flair items! I have collected pins and buttons for several years, and love to display them proudly. I usually wear them on my lucky denim jacket or my favorite vintage overalls, but sometimes they migrate to other clothing items like shorts, jeans, and backpacks!

When I found out that Mowgli was collaborating on some radical pins, I knew I had to get my paws on them! I am so stoked on these bad boys, because they are totally different from any of my other pins.

I usually find my pins at thrift stores, but I also like to get some during my travels or will buy new ones that are meaningful to me. Two of my most special pins are one celebrating my surf club, Swami’s Surfing Association’s 50th anniversary, and one that I got while learning about my heritage in Israel this past summer. I hope to expand my pin collection throughout my life, because every pin and button tells a story!


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