Stephanie's Corner- Malibu Boardrider’s Call to the Wall

By Stephanie Schechter

Last weekend was the 24th annual Malibu Boardrider’s Club Call to the Wall surf contest! It was a wild weekend of crazy weather, funky waves, and groovy humans. I was surfing in the Women’s 18-27 Longboard Division, and got to spend time with some great friends that I haven’t seen in a while!

The weirdest part of the whole event was an insane lightning storm that lasted almost all day Saturday. We had to put the contest on hold for a few hours, and then when we finally started up again, it was with a “surf at your own risk” warning! Fortunately, no one got struck by any lightning.

The waves were pretty amazing on Sunday after the storm cleared, with some sets reaching shoulder high. In my final, one great set came through, but unfortunately, I goofed up and didn’t do so hot. I got 6th, but I’m glad to just have made the final surfing against some fantastic lady sliders!!


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