SUMMER SONGS: Breezin'- Evan Voytas

Hit City has done it again with Los Angeles transplant Evan Voytas! Voytas uses his eclectic tastes to create a new-age type of groove for the 2010s. His music blends classic sounds with a funky electric feel that wraps around you like a warm coat. Make sure to check him out!

Breezin' by Evan Voytas - 
Most of the time I just want to chill out.  These songs are conducive to that.

1. Abri a Porta - A Cor do Som
2. San Lorenzo - Pat Metheny Group
3. Babylon Sisters - Steely Dan
4. Breezin' - George Benson
5. Degung Karedok Leunca - Suara Parahiangan Group
6. This Guy's In Love With You - Burt Bacharach
7. Suingue Menina - A Cor do Som


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