Tuesday Art ATTACK- Jack Bush "Bonnet"

Jack Bush was born on March 20th 1909 in Toronto, Canada. When he was a boy he apprenticed for Adam Sheriff Scott and Edmond Dyonnet, both of whom were influential Canadian painters. As his pursuit of art continued he began to work in the commercial art business while studying art at Ontario College of Art. During his young painting career Bush was not exposed to European influences unlike many other artist's of the time. This was due inpart from the American Abstract movement's takeover of the New York art scene. Seeing the works of the Abstract Expressionist painters greatly influenced Bush's painting development. 

After finishing school and trying to pursue being an artist Bush developed his style as a more abstract approach. He was greatly influenced by the American painters of the time. In the 1950's he became part of a group named Painters Eleven. The group consisted of other Canadian painters who dealt with abstraction in their work. The group held many exhibitions around Canada. Though these shows American Art critic Clement Greenberg was exposed to Bush's work. Greenberg was highly critical and became a mentor figure to Bush. Greenberg helped Bush dial in his painting approach. 

Under Greenberg's guidance and his own personal interests Bush began to work in Color Field painting style and became closely connected with the movement. The group Painters Eleven disbanded in 1960 and Bush moved on to become the most successful of the group. He became one of Canada's most prominent artists of the period. In 1976 the Art Gallery of Ontario held a giant retrospective of his work. Sadly he died the following year on January 24th of 1977.

By Christian Franzen

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