SUMMER SONGS: "Peach Kelli Pop Ulitmate Summer Playlist" by Peach Kelli Pop

Canadian turned California girl Peach Kelli Pop (Allie Hanlon) has a power punk sound that will blast your socks clear off.  She creates bold and honest songs with a fun and catchy flare. From her heartfelt lullaby's to her signature mile a minute guitar riffs Peach Kelli Pop's seamless sound is sure to become a favorite! We demand you go out and buy her fantastic new album, Peach Kelli Pop III, released through Burger Records! You won't be sorry!


"Peach Kelli Pop Ulitmate Summer Playlist" by Peach Kelli Pop

1. I.D.W by P.H.F

This is a band I don’t know much about - I think the songs are written and recorded by a guy in New Zealand. He has a really cool aesthetic going on and I love his songs.
This song is so badass and fun. I love the guitars and fuzzy vocals. The production sounds like it could be home recorded but every aspect seems intentional and well done.
2. Glued To You by Tomorrows Tulips
This would be a perfect song to listen to while lying at the beach. Or doing any kind of vegetating. I love how hazy it is. It’s also beautiful and kind of sweet. I definitely associate this song and band with summer and Southern California.
3. 90210 by The Courtneys
The Courtneys are a rad 3 piece from Vancouver, BC. The band makes me think about spring in Canada - what it’s like for the snow to finally melt and the feeling of opportunity, hope and newness in the air, knowing that summer is on the way.
4. Bikeage by The Descendents
I included this song simply because it’s one of the best punk songs ever written.
5. Drinking in LA by Bran Van 3000
This band is from Montreal, Canada, close to where I grew up. They are what you’d call a one-hit wonder from the late 90’s. This song was on the radio and on a compilation CD all my friends and I had in elementary school. When I moved to the States it surprised me that no one here had heard it before. I still love the song many years later.
6. Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus
This is such a sweet pop song! The music video is great too. The lead singer wears a bucket had and they have a tambourine player who wears really gives it his all, and the video also features Mena Suvari who is such a babe. This is the perfect song to listen to while driving in your car.
7. Postcard Radio by Froth
This is off Froth’s new album. They’re based in LA and are awesome. This is such a catchy and melodic song that still has a little bit of darkness to it. Froth’s sound and aesthetic remind me of Southern California - what it means to live here… Constant sunshine and haziness.
8. Funspot by Audacity
This is a great party song by Fullerton natives, Audacity. It was hard to pick which song by them I wanted to use because they’re all great. Funspot is perfect to listen to when you’re getting hyphy and excited with your friends!
9. For the Feel by Bleached
A perfect pop song by Bleached. This is a perfect sound track to summer no matter what you’re getting up to. I love the harmonies as well as the simplicity of the different components. It’s a super classic sounding song. Really well done and fun.




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