SUMMER SONGS: Intimate Beaches- Playlist by Peaking Lights

Cosmic Husband (Aaron Coyes) and wife (Indra Dunis) duo Peaking Lights have the power to hypnotize. These Angeleno's possess a progressive melodic sound from another world. It's not hard to see why their electric beats make such a statement. Intimate Beaches is the perfect funk disco mix!  Make sure to get their fabulous new record Cosmic Logic from Domino's Weird World! Also there are very few of the Mowgli x Peaking Lights collaboration shirts left so move fast!

Intimate Beaches by Peaking Lights-
so yeah,
intimate beaches is a sloppy
party where its warm enuff to
wear short shorts but cool enuff with
a bit of breeze to put on a sweater
and wear no pants... its a bit funky and dirty in the
mix but fuck it lets have fun....
xo PL


1. Pheeroan akLaff- Fits Like a Glove
2. George Duke - I Want You For Myself
3. Donald Byrd & 125th st NYC - Midnight
4. David Axelrod - Leading Citizen Part 2
5. Keith Barrow - Turn Me Up Pt 1
6. Letta - I Can Depend On You
7. Willie Bobo - Always There
8. Randy Weston - In Memory Of
9. Eddie Henderson - Say You Will
10. Mike "Hitman" Wilson - Another Sleepless Night Jazzy Dub
11. Robinson/Wall project - Family Pray Remix
12. Seven Shades / Tyrone Summers- I Don't Want To Be Insecure
13. Leot Littlepage - The Drain
14. Pet Shop Boys - Domino Dancing Alternate Mix
15. Laid Back - Walking In The Sunshine
16. Kashif - The Mood
17. Bardeux - When We Kiss




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