Thirfting with Puppy!!

Howdy! This week my friend and I rode our bikes downtown to American Vintage. I've had an obsession with vintage t-shirts recently and I was in luck! They just got a ton in! Check out this Shiba Inu shirt! I love those dogs lol.

I found this rad 1970's Hang Ten tee shirt, I'm in love the colors and stripes. But YUCK it's neck was tooo tight!! Earth to the 1970s make the neck a little looser. Unfortunately I had to leave it behind because whats a teenage girl to do! Then tripped out over this Bahamas beach club shirt I totally thought it was Mowgli!!!

Last I found this cute floral shirt/dress that I could see D-J tanner wearing from Full House haha! That's all for this thrift haul, may the odds be ever in your favor...


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