SUMMER SONGS: Van Jam's- Playlist by Guantanamo Baywatch

For Summer Songs this month Guantanamo Baywatch shows us some of their favorite road trip tunes. Guantanamo Baywatch harnesses the polished surf sounds of yesteryear with the raw energy of garage rock to create a sound all their own. From their jaunty beach tunes to their broken heart ballads these Portland crooners are a force to be reckoned with! Make sure to check out their radical new album for Suicide Squeeze out May 12th "Darling…It's Too Late,"! Listen to their lead single "Too Late" here!

Van Jam's by Guantanamo Baywatch- These are some songs we love to play in the van on tour. Blue Angel is great, it's Cyndi Lauper's old band before she went solo, it's one of our favorites. Also note the Hilary Duff track, we love the Duff so much we started a Hilary Duff cover band called Da Duffs. Chevelle's favorite band right now is Volbeat. It's her go to track in the van.

1. Elvis Presley - Beach Boy Blues
2. Blue Angel - Everybody's Got An Angel
3. Johnny Burnette - That's All I Care
4. Alan Jackson - Chasin That Neon Rainbow
5. Shannon & The Clams - The Rabbits Nose
6. Leslie Gore - Struck A Match
7. The Krew Kats - Diggedle Boeing
8. - Tomoe
9. The Coathangers - Adderal
10. Bloodshot Bill - She's My Baby
11. Penguins Project - Don't Be In A Sulk
12. Johnny Tillotson - Without You
13. Volbeat - Lola Montez
14. Hilary Duff - The Math
15. Tammy Wynette - Womanhood 


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