Tuesday Art ATTACK- Michael Goldberg "Sardines (1955)

Michael Goldberg was born on December 24, of 1924. He attended art school as a boy then he attended the Art Students league of New York for his collegiate schooling. Goldberg's large abstract paintings earned him a place amongst the first pre WWII New York School. However, Goldberg was drafted into the war causing him to briefly put his artistic pursuits on hold.

Returning to New York after the war, Goldberg continued where he left off amongst his abstract paintings. As New York continued to grow as the cultural center of the western world, Goldberg surrounded himself with a gang of like minded individuals such as Lee Krasner, Franz Kline, Jackson Pollock, and Willem de Kooning. Together they all created the second wave of the New York School. 

In the early 1950's Goldberg began to study with legendary painter Hans Hoffman. This time studying with Hoffman would become very influential on his work to come. Sadly, as Goldberg reached full stride in his artistic expression through his abstract action painting, the trend of color field painting and pop art began to be the style of favor. Due to this Goldberg was over looked for a large period of time and it was not until the 1970s and 80s that he was granted the fame he deserved. 

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