SUMMER SONGS: Summer Sizzle- Playlist by Only You

This month we have the exciting act from Hit City USA, Only you, a band by the great Rachel Fannan! This Southern California native seamlessly blends styles and creates distinctive sound yearns to be heard. Make sure to checkout her new exciting "The Pressure" and B-Side "Let Me Burn".

Only You The Pressure Summer Sizzle by Only You- "I like songs that sound happy, but can also make me cry. Summer songs that remind me of late nights turning into early mornings. Being 17 again. Listlessly pining for another life, feeling totally alone and totally safe at the same time. Once you start down the rabbit hole of creating a playlist you can't turn back until its done. So without further ado ... 

Summer Sizzle: Playlist by Only You by Mowgli Surf on Grooveshark


Only You Photo Amy Crilly


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