Thrifting with Puppy!!

Thrifting with Puppy! is a new bi-weekly feature, appearing every other Friday! Puppy Stopnik will be taking us on a thrill ride of deals and finds through her thrifiting adventures!! Read her insights and top tips, as you tag along with her. Enjoy below! thrifting with puppy 003 (4)thrifting with puppy 008 (3)thrifting with puppy 015 (3)thrifting with puppy 022 (3)thrifting with puppy 023 (3)thrifting with puppy 033 (3)thrifting with puppy 039 (3)thrifting with puppy 045 (3)thrifting with puppy 051 (3)thrifting with puppy 057 (3)thrifting with puppy 064 (3)thrifting with puppy 073 (3)thrifting with puppy 075 (3)thrifting with puppy 080 (3) The other day I headed to my most favorite thrift store Savers to shop till I drop! I probably come here about two times a week. Soo I’ve been really into poetry and Shakespeare lately and found “poems for inspiration” for 2$! Just what I need for my awkward teen years... anyways, I was about to get this poster of Neil Armstrong for my room but I’m just gonna wait and get a giant poster of young Leonardo Dicaprio instead. I’ve fallen in love with turtle necks this season and found this early 70s/ late 60s green one! Super stoked!! Also I got this super cool 60s Gold Crown light brown button up sweater/ sweatshirt 6$, I might smell like a grandma but at least a cool one! - Puppy

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