SUMMER SONGS: Beach Daze- Playlist by Swim Team

SUMMER SONGS is a new monthly feature, appearing every first Saturday of the month, on the Mowgli blog where we ask some of our favorite artists to create a Playlist of their quintessential Summer Mix-Tape. Make sure to check out their write up to get an insight into the artists choices. To start things off, we have Swim Team! With their dreamy synthesizers and smooth sound, Swim Team is a must to see live! Swim Team will be starting a month long residency at San Diego's Soda Bar playing every Monday starting 1/5 to 1/26! Be there or be square.

BEACH DAZE by Swim Team- Growing up in Southern California amongst the relentless competition surrounding, I often find myself overly introspective in every aspect of my music making. It's easy to become overwhelmed with the endless possibilities of digital recording and a seemingly unending list of bands that are doing the same thing as you, only better. This collection of songs is a perfect balance of artists that strive to create an immaculate representation of their vision, and ones that could care less, but still manage to convey their message with equal effect. This is the perfect playlist for any day on the West Coast.

Beach Daze: Playlist by Swim Team by Mowgli Surf on Grooveshark


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