Tuesday Art ATTACK- Charles Long “Untitled 2012”

Charles Long UntitledCharles Long is a leading figure in contemporary sculpture. After graduating from the sculpture master program at Yale, Long quikley made a splash in the New York art scene. His rapid popularity and the exhausting work pace he faced in New York began to wear on Long so he packed his bags and moved to Los Angeles California. In Los Angeles Long lived a secluded life trying to stay away from the contemporary sculpture scene. He began to take great interest in the natural river beds and their inner workings. He began to document the LA river with photography. This documentation would become his main focus for the next several years. As a response to his interactions with the river he began to sculpt again. Since finding a resurgent interest in creating sculpture, Long has held many large solo exhibits throughout out the United Stated and has been sought after for several large scale commissions. His most notable of these commissions is his Pet Sounds piece, which was commissioned by the city of New York, and on view in Madison Square Park. Long is also interested in how his sculptures will interact with his audience. He often collaborates with bands for a soundtrack or constructs complex build out to enhanced the viewers response. Longs versatility in sculpture and constant re-invention have made him a very popular inspiration source for young artists.

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