Tuesday Art ATTACK- Henry Clive "Sultana, calendar illustration"

HENRY O'HARA CLIVE  Sultana, calendar illustrationAustrialian born artist Henry Clive was born outside of Melbourne in 1882. In his early adult life Clive toured around as a magician and this eventually led him to Hollywood in the late teens. While in Hollywood Clive began acting in silent movies like Her Silent Sacrifice and As a Man Thinks. In the early 1920s Clive started painting the beauties of the famous Ziegfeld Follies. This gained him attention, getting him work painting movie stars for lithographed tins, movie theaters would give away. Clive was hired as a Art Director at Paramount Pictures were he painted famous movie posters for films like The Sheik. He also created many magazine illustrations. Clive lived a very Hollywood life being married six times and making appearances in the gossip pages. The painting above was created in oil for the Louis F. Dow Calendar Company in 1925. In 1960 Clive passed away.

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