Tuesday Art ATTACK- Emile Bernard "La Rue Rose A Pont-Aven"

Émile Bernard LA RUE ROSE À PONT-AVEN Post-Impressionist French painter Émile Bernard was born in Lille, France on April 28, 1868. When Bernard was young his sister was ill, so he had to live with his Grandmother. His Grandmother encouraged him to peruse a career in art. Bernard began his arts education at École des Arts Décoratifs in Paris but was kicked out for "showing expressive tendencies in his paintings". Feeling a need to create Bernard began painting on his own. During this time Bernard met Lautrec, Vang Gogh, and Gauguin and became contemporaries and friends with all of them. Van Gogh and Bernard would exhibit together at the Grand-Bouillon Restaurant du Chalet in Paris, at this show Bernard would sell his first painting. Bernard's work was known for his revolutionary style and colorful palette. La Rue Rose A Pont-Aven was painted in 1892 in oil. Bernard was also a art writer and worked to persevere the memories of Van Gogh and Pual Cézanne. Bernard passed away in 1941.

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