Tuesday Art ATTACK- John Craxton “The Angel Apperaing to the Shepherds”

John Craxton THE ANGEL APPEARING TO THE SHEPHERDS jpegBritish artist John Craxton was born in London, England on October 3, 1922. Craxton received his arts eduction at multiple universities in France and England. His first major solo show was in London 1944 at the Leicester Galleries. His work represented Neo-Romantic revival but he was also influenced by artists such as Picasso and Miro. Much of Neo-Romantic work depicted an idealistic vision of life in the country. Craxton spent much of his time in Greece and traveled extensively painting. His most known works are portraits. This painting is titled “The Angel Apperaing to the Shepherds” and shows Gabriel speaking to the Shepards of the coming of Jesus. Craxton passed away in 2009.

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