Farewell To Mowgli Surf Contributer Sheilah Beckett

Noah Foskett Photo by Jessica StopnikSad news to announce, Mowgli Surf contributor Sheilah Beckett passed away on the 17th at the age of 100. Mrs. Beckett was a great talent and her beautiful work will be missed. We unfortunately only worked with her once for our Fall 2012 season. She created the artwork for our Pirate Mischief Tee Shirt in 2011. Mrs. Beckett began her career as an illustrator in the early 1940s and continued to work over eight decades. Throughout her career she illustrated many classic books and advertisements. She did work for Necco, Whitmans, Golden Books, and Esquire magazine to name a few. Even at 100 years old she continued to work. If you want to see more of the work she created our her amazing career please check out her facebook. Sheilah Beckett Pirate Mischief Mowgli Surf

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